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Why Hire JRD Law?

JRD Law provides decades of experience from elite global law firms, representing the largest and most sophisticated sovereign and multinational clients in matters relating to cross-border risk, corporate governance and compliance legal counseling. The firm provides its clients deep expertise particularly regarding economic sanctions, export and import controls, anti-corruption, anti-money laundering, and anti-boycott.

Navigate Global Risk
Today's business opportunities and legal risks are global. JRD Law has extensive experience leading global teams of lawyers and maintains a broad network of trusted local law firms across the globe.
Commercial, Practical
JRD Law dispenses clear, practical and commercially savvy advice, while considering personal relationships as key to effective advocacy.
When You Need An Advocate
Based in Washington, D.C., JRD Law has developed over the past two decades professional relationships with key federal agencies. JRD Law understands how to navigate the nuances of complex federal regulatory and enforcement issues, particularly national security and cross-border risks relating to economic sanctions, import and export controls, anti-corruption, anti-money laundering and anti-boycott laws.
Predictable fees
JRD Law was founded to provide discreet legal advice to discriminating clients who want the best lawyering without the unpredictability of large legal fees.

What Clients Hire JRD Law?

Public Companies (NYSE, NASDAQ, SIX Swiss Ex)
Sovereign Pension Funds
Private Equity Portfolio Companies
Law Firms
Start-Up Companies
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Companies
Consumer Goods Companies
Aviation Industry Companies
Services Companies
Network Technology Companies

Success Stories

JRD Law helps clients avoid larger problems by assessing and mitigating cross-border risks and liabilities.
Successful M&A in the face of sanctioned country business risks
Client Private Equity wanted to sell a global airfreight logistics company, and buyer discovered the company had thousands of transactions involving sanctioned countries within the statute of limitations. We strategized and negotiated a successful commercial and legal strategy that resulted in no penalties following self-disclosure to the U.S. government and a successful closing of the sale.
Violations converted into stronger compliance and reduced liability
Client Non-U.S. Multinational Conglomerate discovered that exports of its coatings containing infrared detection avoidance properties had violated U.S. export control laws. We devised a targeted, multinational compliance review and internal investigation, which uncovered other latent violations, including sales to a Russian Government Denied Party, and helped the client implement a strong export control classification and compliance program and disclose violations to U.S. authorities with no ensuing monetary penalties.
Business aims achieved after overcoming compliance hurdles
When Client Fortune 100 discovered that its trademark registration and other intellectual property protection activities violated U.S. North Korea and Cuba sanctions, we advised on a strategy that permitted the IP protective activities to continue under government licenses, while also mitigating legal liability through voluntary self-disclosures that were resolved without penalties or public censure.
Import enforcement risk avoided with proactive strategy
When Client U.S. Importer received a pre-audit inquiry from U.S. Customs and Border Protection, we headed off a full audit and mitigated liability of other, yet undetected violations through an internal investigation, training and prior disclosure.
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